WS2012R2 WSUS Console Connection Error

It seems like updating WSUS may break WSUS itself. After applying patch KB3159706 your WSUS console may become unresponsive with WSUS Error Event ID 507, 7053 and following view in GUI:

Microsoft has already released newer patch that resolves this issue (KB3159706) so if you previously installed KB3159706, you should follow this steps:

  • Uninstall KB3148812
  • Install KB3159706
  • Reboot WSUS server

Alternatively, you could resolve this issue with following procedure:

  • Open elevated cmd (run as administrator) and run following command:

  • As soon as this task is finished, open Server Manager and Add Feature “HTTP Activation” under .NET Framwork 4.5 Features:
  • Restart WSUS Service

These steps should bring WSUS back into running state.

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