Powershell: Collect information about locked AD Accounts in SQL Database

Small background: Working with ~ 20 domain controllers and thousands of users makes DC Security Log really short in time. I mean – there are thousands of security logs, but all I can browse is only last ~ 50 minutes, older logs are archived / removed. Sometimes, it makes simple things impossible. For example, I […]

Powershell: Get SQL Data using powershell

Small background / Use Case – I’m having a printing solution that prints a small, almost invisible watermark on every printed page. This watermark consists of printjob ID number only. I would like HelpDesk users to check this Job ID and resolve job owner / printing time etc. Unfortunately, it’s not possible through GUI, but… […]

Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 – The Citrix servers do not trust the server.

Small hint for those, receiving following Citrix XenApp 7.6 error while opening any app from Receiver – “Cannot start app, please contact your help desk“: Additionally, in the event log you find repeating errors from Citrix Store Service, EventID 0, message: The Citrix servers do not trust the server. This message was reported from the […]

How to import PST file to Exchange 2013 Mailbox

Importing / Exporting mail data in .pst files may be performed with various 3rd party applications, but IMHO we should always use what’s “inside-of-the-box” if it’s possible. Therefore you should focus on follownig cmdlets: New-MailboxImportRequest NewMailboxExportRequest Get-MailboxImportRequest Get-MailboxExportRequest Even as an Exchange Admin, shortly you will find out that none of them are available for […]

Automated change of DNS hosts on multiple servers in AD Organizational Unit

Change of DNS settings on remote hosts can be done either with DHCP scope settings (if your servers are using DHCP and in most cases they are not) or via Group Policy or… with Powershell. But hey, I’m pretty sure you did not enable PSRemoting on all of your servers, did ya? Luckily there’s a […]

Finding & Transferring FSMO roles using powershell

I think it’s a part of IT nature to spend 15 minutes on scripting things that you actually could achieve in 1 minute using GUI, but you can’t change the nature, right? 🙂 One of the things I have to do from time to time is change of FSMO roleholders by simply transferring them (keep […]

DHCP Server installation and configuration with multiple VLANs / Scopes using PowerShell

Installation of DHCP servers may be pain in the neck if you need to configure multiple scopes (for VLANs for example). Luckily this process can be automated with powershell. Scirpt will install DHCP role, create local DHCP groups, authorize DHCP in Active Directory and at the end create all defined scopes. All you need to […]

ESXi 5.5 network configuration with PowerCLI

One nasty thing we need to do from time to time is ESXi initial configuration with it’s vswitches, dns, domain, searchdomains, ntp, portgroups, nics and many, many other things… If you possess Enterprise Plus licences you are lucky enough to do all the things using Host Profiles. But in case if you don’t have any Plus […]