Skype For Business IM / Video / Audio restrictions

There are few options that are controlling Skype For Business functionalities for users:

  • CAL:
    • Standard CAL – only IM functions;
    • Enterprise CAL – all conferencing / presenting / IM features. But here’s a small disadvantage – Skype CAL applies to a user, not to specific device.
  • Registry keys – available for both, Machine and User registry hives (doing it this way, brings you an option to configure different conferencing options  (based on endpoint device) for the same user). I worked on that for a little while and prepared Skype For Business ADMX Policies that can be used in Policy Definitions / Central Store for Policies. End result:


Of course, you can configure all above settings using reg keys / GPO Preferences:
For All users (Machine setting)

For Current User (User setting)

Registry Keys:
Disable Emoticons: DisableEmoticons / DWORD (1/0)
Disable Presence Note: DisablePresenceNote / DWORD (1/0)
Disable Skype For Business Conferencing Options: TelephonyMode / DWORD (0-5)
Force Immediate Address Book Download: GALDownloadInitialDelay / DWORD
Prevent users from running Skype For Business: PreventRun / DWORD (1/0)
Remove IM Icons and Menus: DisableIM / DWORD (1/0)

Most of these are pretty much self-explanatory, below I’m going to explain other ones.

  • “Disable Skype For Business Conferencing Options” – may be configured with one of 5 following values:
    • Value “0” – Allow only PC to PC calls (this is default, as Not Configured)
    • Value “1” – Allow Enterprise Voice features
    • Value “3” – Allow Enterprise Voice with PBX Integration
    • Value “4” – Allow Remote Call Control, Disallow PC to PC calls
    • Value “5” – Allow only Instant Messaging and Presence features


  • Force Immediate Address Book Download” – Default setting (not configured) makes Skype For Business download Address Book in randomized period of time between 1 to 60 minutes. When you change GALDownloadInitialDelay value to “0” it will download Address Book immediately.

Download ADMX files: Skype For Business ADMX Policies

P.S. These Policies are located in Machine (Computer Configuration) settings.

P.S.2 Settings for 64bit Skype for business version are defined under Wow6432Node which is not a target for these policies (only 32bit version will work).

4 thoughts on “Skype For Business IM / Video / Audio restrictions

  1. Do you know if these values will work with Skype for Business 2016 as well (Office 365 proplus) ? I tried to disable IM with that registry and it made no difference. (created the registry entry manually). Thanks!

    1. Hello Mani,
      I’m afraid it won’t work since each Office version has different hive name in the registry. For example Office 2013 uses HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Office\15.0\ while Office 2010 would use HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Office\14.0\ … please check following hive HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Office to find out appropriate name for Office 2016, I guess it would be HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Office\16.0 but that’s just a blind guess 🙂

  2. My registry only goes down to Policies/Microsoft and doesn’t drill down to Office or any further. Any suggestions?

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