Exchange: Can’t see any Arbitration mailboxes

I’m just starting with Exchange and already had a first few-hours-long-problem – couldn’t remove a mailbox database because it was still in use by some mailboxes. I did migrate all of the user mailboxes, health mailboxes and there none of arbitration mailboxes… weird, nope?

The thing is I’m working with an subdomain and empty root domain. So arbitration mailboxes are stored in a root domain and my servers are in a subdomain – voila! They simply do not see a thing in a root domain unless you tell them so 😉

As in the example below, for the first time I seen nothing when I typed in “Get-Mailbox -Arbitration”, but when I run “Set-ADServerSettings -ViewEntireForest $true” I was able to list those Mailboxes properly and finally move them & remove this database! 🙂

Additionally to check the status of New-MoveRequest and see it’s percentage you can do following:

First cmdlet just shows you the status (in progress, completed etc), second one is extended by size and percentage. If you notice that smth is going wrong, too long or for any reason makes you unsure, you can run following command to generate complete report with step by step information of MoveRequest job:

I did not paste the results of because they are… simply to big 😉

Nothing complicated, but it took me a while to figure out what’s going on so I hope it will save you some time!


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