Enlist a DNS server in DNS application directory partition

Windows Server DNS event id 4513 described as:

The DNS server detected that it is not enlisted in the replication scope of the directory partition ForestDnsZones.contoso.com. This prevents the zones that should be replicated to all DNS servers in the ms.contoso.com forest from replicating to this DNS server.
To create or repair the forest-wide DNS directory partition, open the DNS  console. Right-click the applicable DNS server, and then click ‘Create Default Application Directory Partitions’. Follow the instructions to create the default DNS application directory partitions. For more information, see ‘To create the default DNS application directory partitions’ in Help and Support. 

Can be caused either by a replication problem with the DC’s direct partner or could mean that the domain controller is replicating the ForestDNSZone/DomainDNSZone partitions from a server that has a problem with Active Directory replication.

First of all – check if all partitions are existing using Adsiedit -> Configuration Partition -> Partitions. If all of the partitions are there and you can’t see any conflicting objects, you can try to add your DC to partition replication scope by doing following steps:

Step 1: Log onto any other DC (it can be replication partner of your problematic DC) using Enterprise Admin Account and run ntdsutil

Step 2: Go to partitions management -> connections and type in connect to %hostname% – replace %hostname% with your currently logged in DC name. You can use shortcuts of menu names as in image below:

2015-01-05 18_11_30-sneu2013 - Remote Desktop Connection

Step 3: Go back to partition management by typing “q”, then you can list your partitions by simply typing “list”


Step 4: To add your DC to replication scope of specific partition, type in: add nc replica DC=%zonename% %hostname%

Replace %zonename% with appropriate zone name (it should be also listed in partitions management -> list) and %hostname% with FQDN of your DC/DNS server which is encountering repliaction problems. When you hit enter it won’t give you any message back when it worked – it only displays additional information when something goes wrong.

Step 5: Force replication between DCs.


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