DHCP Server installation and configuration with multiple VLANs / Scopes using PowerShell

Installation of DHCP servers may be pain in the neck if you need to configure multiple scopes (for VLANs for example). Luckily this process can be automated with powershell.

Scirpt will install DHCP role, create local DHCP groups, authorize DHCP in Active Directory and at the end create all defined scopes.

All you need to do in the script below is to change values in highlighted lines – currently it has only three vlans (scopes), but you can add more like these. Simply add new line with $vlan4… $vlan* and put it’s name into $vlan variable in line 10.

If everything went well, you should see output similar to the image below:


I hope this will make your DHCP configuration a lot easier 😉

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