Citrix 7.X Delivery Controller stuck in Supplemental Grace Period

This may be uncommon issue, although it may happen when you manually remove assigned licenses after Citrix License Server entered SGP state.
Before removing any device/user license assignment, read following citrix article. At a point when license assignments are removed and you have some licensed freed up, it is possible that Citrix License server displays “OK” state in Director and Citrix Studio, but your Delivery Controllers are still in Supplemental Grace Period and/or “Not Connected” to License Server (from Director perspective).

This behaviour is caused by SGP on license server that can only be de-activated by adding new licenses. Although there is a workaround if SGP was triggered improperly:

  • Open following location C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\Licensing\MyFiles\
  • Using Administrator mode notepad, edit file: “CITRIX.opt”
  • At the bottom of that file, add a line “#CITRIX SGPOFF”
  • Restart Citrix License Server and Delivery Controllers

Above steps will completely disable SGP feature and bring your DCs in a healthy, licensed state. Then, you should repeat above steps, but this time remove #CITRIX SGPOFF line – this will let you use SGP feature again, but your license state will work as expected.

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