WS2012R2 WSUS Console Connection Error

It seems like updating WSUS may break WSUS itself. After applying patch KB3159706 your WSUS console may become unresponsive with WSUS Error Event ID 507, 7053 and following view in GUI: Microsoft has already released newer patch that resolves this issue (KB3159706) so if you previously installed KB3159706, you should follow this steps: Uninstall KB3148812 Install […]

Automated change of DNS hosts on multiple servers in AD Organizational Unit

Change of DNS settings on remote hosts can be done either with DHCP scope settings (if your servers are using DHCP and in most cases they are not) or via Group Policy or… with Powershell. But hey, I’m pretty sure you did not enable PSRemoting on all of your servers, did ya? Luckily there’s a […]

Finding & Transferring FSMO roles using powershell

I think it’s a part of IT nature to spend 15 minutes on scripting things that you actually could achieve in 1 minute using GUI, but you can’t change the nature, right? 🙂 One of the things I have to do from time to time is change of FSMO roleholders by simply transferring them (keep […]

Enlist a DNS server in DNS application directory partition

Windows Server DNS event id 4513 described as: The DNS server detected that it is not enlisted in the replication scope of the directory partition This prevents the zones that should be replicated to all DNS servers in the forest from replicating to this DNS server.   To create or repair the forest-wide […]