How to import PST file to Exchange 2013 Mailbox

Importing / Exporting mail data in .pst files may be performed with various 3rd party applications, but IMHO we should always use what’s “inside-of-the-box” if it’s possible. Therefore you should focus on follownig cmdlets: New-MailboxImportRequest NewMailboxExportRequest Get-MailboxImportRequest Get-MailboxExportRequest Even as an Exchange Admin, shortly you will find out that none of them are available for […]

Exchange: Can’t see any Arbitration mailboxes

I’m just starting with Exchange and already had a first few-hours-long-problem – couldn’t remove a mailbox database because it was still in use by some mailboxes. I did migrate all of the user mailboxes, health mailboxes and there none of arbitration mailboxes… weird, nope? The thing is I’m working with an subdomain and empty root […]