AGPM 4.0 SP1 Installing and configuring guide part 2 – Server Installation

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Assuming that you already met all of perquisites described in part 1 of this installation guide, we can start AGPM installation now.

Step 1: Create two Active Directory Accounts:

  • AGPM Administrator (for this article it will be agpm-administrator) – this account will be used as first, default Administrator account of AGPM. Using this account you will delegate permissions to others.
  • AGPM Service Account (for this article it will be agpm-service) – this account will manage policies so it needs proper permissions on existing GPOs and Archive folder. This account has to be a member of “Group Policy Creator Owners” and “Backup Operators” in each domain that will be managed by AGPM.

Step 2: Now, you need to assign Full Control permissions on GPOs created prior to AGPM installation. To do so, download following package of scripts: Group Policy Management Console Sample Scripts (alternative: GPMCSampleScripts)and then run GrantPermissionOnAllGPOs.wsf using cscript. Example:

2015-01-08 13_23_50-sneu0223 - Remote Desktop Connection

Step 3: Depending on your architecture run either x86 or x64 installation file from MDOP CD. Click on “Next”

2015-01-08 13_27_08-sneu0208 - Remote Desktop Connection

Step 4: Accept license terms and continue

2015-01-08 13_27_26-sneu0208 - Remote Desktop Connection

Step 5: Leave the defaults, click on “Next”

2015-01-08 13_27_43-sneu0208 - Remote Desktop Connection

Step 6: In this step you specify path for archive of controlled Group Policies. For example it can be a network mapped drive located on SAN or simply, local path.

2015-01-08 13_28_04-sneu0208 - Remote Desktop Connection

Step 7: Type in AGPM service account (created in Step 1) credentials – it has to have full access to all GPOs that it will manage (Step 2)

2015-01-08 13_43_28-sneu0208 - Remote Desktop Connection

Step 8: Select an AGPM Administrator account that we have created in Step 1, it will be granted with Full permissions on newly installed AGPM server.

2015-01-08 13_55_20-sneu0208 - Remote Desktop Connection

Step 9: Leave defaults and click “Next”:

2015-01-08 13_57_22-sneu0208 - Remote Desktop Connection

Step 10: Select all languages that you will actually need and continue:

2015-01-08 13_58_25-sneu0208 - Remote Desktop Connection

Step 11: Finally, to start the installation, click on “Install” button:

2015-01-08 14_00_11-sneu0208 - Remote Desktop Connection

Step 12: After few seconds (or minutes if some components were missing and had to be installed) installation should be finished.

2015-01-08 14_02_00-sneu0208 - Remote Desktop Connection

AGPM Server installation is done. Now, to be able to actually work with it, you have to install AGPM Client. It will be described in part3 of this article.

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  1. Your article is a great help. It appears Microsoft has deleted/removed the sample scripts. I was able to find a copy online, but if you still have the “original” could you upload/attach to your host so at least others trust it a little more?

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